Tune In

The radio auction is conducted live on the air! To participate, tune in and listen for products being described.

Call In





Come In

You can pick up your items at our studios the week following the radio auction


The operator will assign you a bidder number and ask how much you want to raise the bid of the featured item. Stay on the phone to remain in the bidding process. If you are the lucky bidder and win, the operator will ask for additional information. If you hang up or become disconnected, you lose your item! If possible, try using a land line (not a cell phone) to ensure that you will not be disconnected.

Tips and Tricks

Tell the operator whether you’re bidding on the current item or the “big on-going item” – you’ll find out what we mean.

Be consistent – only give the operator one phone number and last name, even if you’re calling on different days. This helps us track your items.

Think long, think wrong – most items are only up for bid for 90 seconds. Call quickly and give your bid.

All Bids are Final – once a bid is placed, especially if you win, the item is yours! We cannot revoke a bid. Only in rare cases can we remove a bid, but you will also lose ALL the other items you won.

If a phone line is busy, try another number